Walkie 1



An intelligent autonomous service robot, our EIC's friend, is built to participate in Robocup@home 2022 competition. We initiated Walkie in spring 2021 with a strong belief that Robots are good human companions. Walkie can do various household tasks and be a party host. Things he can do are picking and placing the object on the shelf, tidying up the garbage on the floor, serving the meal up to the customer's order, helping hold a bag, and following a user.


Walkie is a domestic service robot that helps you to do house chores and be your great companion.


We might think that our daily routine is boring and simple. But, for a robot like Walkie, a simple task may require much complex planning and motion.


Walkie can arrange groceries in the cabinet, take out the trash, carry your bag, serve the cool drink from the refrigerator, and communicate with you in English.


Artificial Intelligence plays a significant role in making Walkie reliable and making intelligent decisions in doing boring human routines.

Our team, EIC from Chulalongkorn University, is developing Walkie's body and brain to make our robot not just a machine. He is our friend.

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